COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Golden Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Golden Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care

At Golden Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care we understand the anxiety and fear associated with the COVID-19 health emergency and we are taking every known precaution to keep our residents safe. We also understand that life goes on and despite the virus, sometimes it’s essential to move into assisted living, memory care, or respite care for the short- or long-term health of yourself or a loved one. 

At this time, we have not experienced any cases of COVID-19, thanks at least in part to our extensive safety protocols and ongoing dedication to our residents. We have worked hard with federal, state and local health experts to develop a broad and inclusive process that covers admissions, infection control, monitoring, and testing. We will continue to take advantage of all resources, including vaccines when available, to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible. 

Here is a summary of the main Covid-19 safety protocols currently in place at Golden Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care.

Admissions protocols

Starting in the new year, Golden Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care will offer tours with PPE, however, we have also provided a link on our website: that provides a virtual tour of the facility. For those who wish to join our community as residents, we have developed the following move-in protocol.

  • Prior to move in, all meetings will be via Zoom or telephone.
  • Whenever possible, our move-in packet will be provided electronically. When that is not an option for the incoming resident, we will plan an outside meeting with social distancing with the Executive Director/designee.
  • To move in, new residents must receive two negative test results within the week prior to the move-in date.
  • All new residents will be quarantined in their room for 14 days after move in. Meals will be provided and there will be several visits from the Executive Director and the designees.
  • Furniture move in will be coordinated with the community.

At this time we are allowing outdoor visits and as long as the county average stays below 10% we will be allowing indoor visits and tours with PPE within the week.

Infection control protocols

At Golden Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care we have developed an extensive, 21-page infection control protocol that includes Standard Precautions as well as Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements for bloodborne pathogens and infection control. This protocol includes the following:

  • Policy interpretation and implementation – The use of Standard Precautions including hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, environmental cleaning, use of disposable/reusable medical equipment, and respiratory hygiene.
  • Exposure response and reporting – An extensive list of actions to be taken in the event of an exposure incident covering immediate decontamination, reporting, evaluation, testing, vaccination, recommendations, and recordkeeping. 
  • Hand hygiene – Detailed instructions for hand cleaning and/or sanitizing.
  • Personal protective equipment – Detailed instructions for use, management and disposal of PPE.
  • Infectious waste disposal – Detailed instructions to ensure proper disposal of all infectious waste.
  • Influenza immunization – Recommendation that all staff receive an annual influenza immunization as well as protocols in the event of an influenza outbreak.
  • Visitor precautions and protocols – Detailed instructions for visitors during flu season and for visits to residents showing flu symptoms.
  • Caregiver illness – Detailed instruction for caregivers who develop the flu, including reporting, leave policy, and monitoring of any exposed staff or residents.
  • Resident illness intervention protocol – Detailed instructions for influenza outbreaks including surveillance, appraisal, reporting, testing, treatment, isolation, and Standard Precautions.
  • Ongoing communication – Rules for communications with the media, government agencies, licensing authorities, visitors, and families. 
  • Syringe and lancet safety – Instructions for safe use and disposal of syringes and lancets.
  • Other infections – Instructions for management and treatment of individuals suspected to have a multidrug-resistant organism infection, norovirus, or scabies.


COVID-19 monitoring of staff, visitors and non-essential visitors 

In light of the current spike in COVID-19 cases nationwide and in the local county, protocols are now as follows:

Staff are prescreened for each shift, including having their temperature taken and answering pre-screening questions. Staff who answer yes to any question and/or have a temperature greater than 99.4 will be sent home and must be evaluated by a physician or the facility nurse before returning. Testing is provided at least weekly and will go to twice weekly if the county’s positivity rate exceeds 10%. (See Testing Protocols below.) Any staff testing positive will be sent home to isolate for at least 10 days and until the fever is gone for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications. All staff must wear masks when in and around residents. Those who refuse will be asked to leave. Staff who refuse to be tested will be restricted from the building until all procedures for outbreak testing are completed. 

Residents’ temperatures, oxygen levels and signs/symptoms are screened daily and charted in the morning and afternoon. Any residents showing signs or symptoms will be isolated and will follow strict isolation guidelines. Notifications will be provided to the Executive Director, the primary care physician, and the family. Beginning 11/23/2020, residents will be tested weekly and results will be tracked. As of 11/20/2020, new admissions and residents who leave will have to be tested and quarantined for 14 days upon return. Former residents seeking readmission must submit one negative test prior to readmission.

Approved essential medical personnel and allowed visitors. At this time, we are allowing visitors and others as follows:

  • Medical personnel including home health workers, physicians, hospice workers and podiatrists.
  • Vendors including mail delivery, UPS, Fed-Ex, Amazon, food delivery and other suppliers of pertinent equipment/supplies may drop off items at the front door area on the table, and the reception will make sure it’s labeled and disinfected.
  • Food deliveries will be dropped off in kitchen designated areas. No vendors will be allowed direct contact with staff or residents.
  • Visitors are defined as family or friends and only those who are family or friends of hospice residents that are imminently dying and have been approved by the Executive Director for a compassionate visit will be allowed in the facility.
  • Outdoor visits are now allowed and beginning in the new year, as long as the county average positivity rate stays below 10%, we will be allowing indoor visits with PPE.


Testing protocols

As of 11/22/2020 and per guidelines from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment also effective 11/22/2020, mandatory testing of staff will take place twice each week on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. In addition, all residents who leave the premises and interact with individuals outside the facility will be subject to weekly surveillance testing. 

In the event of a single positive COVID-19 case among staff or residents, outbreak testing on all residents and staff will begin, regardless of the presence or absence of COVID-19 symptoms.

This information is a very condensed version of the lengthy COVID-19 protocols in place at Golden Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care and may change as the health emergency evolves. If you would like more information about our safety procedures or about living at Golden Lodge Assisted Living & Memory Care, please feel free to contact us at today.

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